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Monday, April 1, 2013

List of German universities - এক নজরে জার্মানির ইউনিভার্সিটি তালিকা।

জার্মান ইউনিভার্সিটি সমুহের নামের তালিকা ।

Germany has many different kinds of universities. They all offer excellent quality. But with so many universities to choose from, it's not always easy finding the one that best suits your needs. In the following, we help you understand what's what.

The German university system

There are over 380 officially recognised universities in 175 towns and cities throughout Germany, and they offer a total of over 15,000 study programmes. In principle, these universities are of equal rank. But each has its own strength and focuses. Common to all of them is that professors and lecturers are academically highly qualified, and you will acquire an officially recognised degree of a high academic standard. However, there are a number of differences you should be aware of.
There are three types of university:
At Germany's 109 universities, the focus is on the transfer of methodical and theoretical knowledge. Research and teaching are closely linked to each other. Universities offer a wide range of subjects including law, the humanities and cultural studies, natural sciences and economics/business administration and medicine. If you want to do a doctorate in Germany, a university is the place to study.
Universities with special subject focuses
The education offered at the 216 universities of applied sciences has a strong vocational orientation. Students there are prepared for professions in specific fields of work, such as technology, business, social work or media and design. Study programmes include work placements and practical semesters.
Studying and working
If you have an artistic talent you wish to turn into your profession, a course of study at one of Germany's 55 colleges of art, film and music may be the right choice. Whether you paint, play an instrument, sing, direct or act, to qualify for this kind of course you have to have an exceptional artistic talent which you are required to demonstrate in an entrance examination. Especially talented candidates may be admitted even if they do not fulfil the formal university entrance requirements.


Education in Germany is not centrally coordinated. There are 16 federal states in Germany. Each state has its own state government and higher education laws. Universities in Germany are largely self-regulatory. That's why it's important to ask which particular regulations apply at your chosen university.

State or private?

The majority of universities (240) in Germany are funded by the federal government. If you study there, you are usually required to pay no tuition fees or only a nominal amount. Most students are enrolled at state universities. There are also private and church universities. The quality of instruction at both types of university is equally high.

Private universities

An increasing number of private universities have emerged in recent years. In the last ten years, for example, the number has risen from 24 to 100. The majority of these are universities of applied sciences. Currently around five percent of all students study at a private university.
Private universities are attracting a growing number of new students. This is because of the small study groups, close links to industry and the universities' strong international orientation. However, private universities tend to charge high tuition fees: a course of study can cost up to 30,000 euro.
Important: If you wish to study at a private university, make sure it is officially recognised. Without official state recognition, degrees will not be recognised on the international job market.

Church universities

A small number of universities in Germany (40) are funded by the Protestant or Catholic Church. This is where priests and theologians, social education workers, special needs teachers, teachers of religion, experts in the health and care sectors and church musicians are taught. The Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg is open to students of all denominations.
                                      List of German Universities:

University NameTownStudents
Aachen THAachen35.853
Augsburg UAugsburg17.054
Bamberg UBamberg11.753
Bayreuth UBayreuth10.971
Benediktbeuern PhThHBenediktbeuern71
Berlin ESCPBerlin153
Berlin FUBerlin33.286
Berlin HSoGBerlin261
Berlin HUBerlin29.176
Berlin IPUBerlin315
Berlin SHBBerlin5.409
Berlin TUBerlin29.711
Bielefeld UBielefeld18.843
Bochum UBochum36.733
Bonn UBonn28.724
Braunschweig TUBraunschweig15.204
Bremen JUBremen1.256
Bremen UBremen18.216
Chemnitz TUChemnitz10.631
Clausthal TUClausthal-Zellerfeld4.004
Cottbus TUCottbus6.752
Darmstadt TUDarmstadt24.180
Dortmund TUDortmund26.625
Dresden TUDresden34.010
Düsseldorf UDüsseldorf20.632

University NameTownStudents
Eichstätt - Ingolstadt UEichstätt4.711
Erfurt UErfurt5.475
Erlangen-Nürnberg UErlangen32.354
Duisburg-Essen UEssen37.575
Flensburg UFlensburg4.412
Frankfurt (Oder) UFrankfurt (Oder)6.506
Frankfurt am Main FSFMFrankfurt am Main1.352
Frankfurt am Main PhThHFrankfurt am Main368
Frankfurt am Main UFrankfurt am Main40.383
Freiberg TUBergAkFreiberg5.502
Freiburg PHFreiburg4.706
Freiburg UFreiburg22.338
Friedrichshafen ZUFriedrichshafen665
Fulda ThFakFulda34
Geisenheim HGeisenheim0
Giessen UGießen25.143
Göttingen UGöttingen24.573
Greifswald UGreifswald12.450
Hagen FernUHagen71.218
Halle-Wittenberg UHalle an der Saale20.008
Hamburg BLSHamburg667
Hamburg HCUHamburg2.201
Hamburg UHamburg38.074
Hamburg UBwHamburg2.976
Hamburg-Harburg TUHamburg5.916
Hannover MedHHannover3.134
Hannover TiHoHannover2.484
Hannover UHannover21.621
Heidelberg PHHeidelberg4.257
Heidelberg UHeidelberg28.047
Hildesheim UHildesheim5.715
Ilmenau TUIlmenau6.763
Jena UJena20.417
Kaiserslautern TUKaiserslautern13.373
Karlsruhe PHKarlsruhe3.346
Karlsruhe U KITKarlsruhe22.132
Kassel UKassel21.242
Kiel UKiel24.363
Köln DSHSKöln4.999
Köln UKöln46.948
Konstanz UKonstanz10.176
Leipzig HHLLeipzig365
Leipzig ULeipzig26.401
Lübeck ULübeck3.214
Ludwigsburg PHLudwigsburg5.311
Lüneburg ULüneburg7.138
Magdeburg UMagdeburg14.088
Koblenz-Landau UMainz13.167
Mainz UMainz36.188
Mannheim UMannheim10.636
Marburg UMarburg22.004
München HPhilMünchen325
München TUMünchen30.821
München UMünchen46.432
Münster UMünster38.249
München UBwNeubiberg3.438
Neuendettelsau KiHNeuendettelsau162
Oldenburg UOldenburg10.786
Osnabrück UOsnabrück11.034
Paderborn ThFakPaderborn88
Paderborn UPaderborn17.301
Passau UPassau10.012
Potsdam UPotsdam20.819
Regensburg URegensburg19.547
Rostock URostock15.312
Saarbrücken USaarbrücken17.635
Sankt Augustin PhThHSankt Augustin107
Schwäbisch Gmünd PHSchwäbisch Gmünd2.605
Siegen USiegen15.873
Speyer DUVSpeyer307
Hohenheim UStuttgart8.924
Stuttgart UStuttgart21.764
Trier ThFakTrier417
Trier UTrier15.072
Tübingen UTübingen24.265
Ulm UUlm8.628
Vallendar PTHVVallendar219
Vallendar WHUVallendar735
Vechta UVechta3.245
Weimar UWeimar4.019
Weingarten PHWeingarten2.996
Wiesbaden EBSWiesbaden1.578
Witten/ Herdecke UWitten1.330
Wuppertal UWuppertal16.505
Wuppertal/ Bethel KiHWuppertal139
Würzburg UWürzburg23.482
Zittau IHIZittau267
প্রথমেই বলে নিয়েছি জার্মানিতে ৩ ধরনের ইউনিভার্সিটি আছে। তা হল >
#Universities for research-oriented study
#Universities of applied sciences for practice-oriented study
#Colleges of art, film and music for artistic courses 

প্রথমে যে গুলোর নাম দিয়েছি সব গুলো ইউনিভার্সিটি। এখন দিব ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ অ্যাপ্লাইড সায়েন্স ।

University NameTownStudents
Aachen FHAachen10.234
Aalen HAalen4.466
Amberg-Weiden HAmberg3.020
Ansbach HAnsbach2.362
Arnstadt FHKunstArnstadt95
Aschaffenburg HAschaffenburg2.660
Augsburg HAugsburg4.855
Bad Homburg accadisFHBad Homburg502
Bad Honnef - Bonn IUBHBad Honnef1.596
Bad Liebenzell IHLBad Liebenzell29
Nordhessen FHBad Sooden-Allendorf4.774
Bamberg HBamberg125
Berlin AkkonBerlin55
Berlin ASHBerlin2.802
Berlin bbwBerlin885
Berlin BHTBerlin10.522
Berlin BSBPBerlin431
Berlin BTKBerlin309
Berlin DEKRABerlin280
Berlin DUWBerlin108
Berlin ECLABerlin60
Berlin ESMTBerlin122
Berlin EvHBerlin1.424
Berlin FH Best-SabelBerlin154
Berlin FHTouroBerlin118
Berlin HdPKBerlin146
Berlin HfGesundheitBerlin470
Berlin HMKWBerlin25
Berlin HTWBerlin11.696
Berlin HWRBerlin9.455
Berlin HWTKBerlin114
Berlin IBBerlin553
Berlin KathFHBerlin1.401
Berlin MDHBerlin1.160
Berlin PHBBerlin30
Berlin SRHBerlin407
Biberach HBiberach2.137
Bielefeld FHBielefeld8.314
Bielefeld FHDiakonieBielefeld355
Bielefeld FHMBielefeld1.292
Bingen FHBingen2.541
Bochum EBZBochum452
Bochum HBochum5.500
Bochum HGesundheitBochum334
Bochum TFHBochum2.110
Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe EvFHBochum1.930
Bonn HSFBonn985
Brandenburg FHBrandenburg2.961
Bremen FernFHBremen1.083
Bremen HBremen8.543
Bremerhaven HBremerhaven2.938
Brühl EUFHBrühl1.269
Buxtehude FHBuxtehude659
Calw HCalw288
Coburg HCoburg4.248
Darmstadt EvHDarmstadt1.553
Darmstadt HDarmstadt12.045
Deggendorf HDeggendorf4.707
Ewersbach ThHDietzhölztal-Ewersbach0
Dortmund FHDortmund9.937
Dortmund ISMDortmund1.629
Dresden DIUDresden1.077
Dresden EvHDresden582
Dresden HTWDresden5.339
Dresden PFHDresden40
Düsseldorf EBCDüsseldorf124
Düsseldorf FHDüsseldorf7.999
Düsseldorf FliednerFHDüsseldorf106
Eberswalde HEberswalde1.979
Elmshorn FH NordakademieElmshorn1.257
Elstal ThSElstal79
Emden/Leer HEmden4.240
Erding FHMErding2.207
Erfurt Adam-RiesFHErfurt323
Erfurt FHErfurt4.645
Essen FOMEssen18.556
Esslingen HEsslingen5.841
Flensburg FHFlensburg3.938
Frankfurt am Main FHFrankfurt am Main10.393
Frankfurt am Main FHProvadisFrankfurt am Main817
Freiburg EvHSFreiburg837
Freiburg hKDMFreiburg76
Freiburg KathHSFreiburg1.634
Weihenstephan-Triesdorf HFreising5.609
Friedensau ThHFriedensau189
Fulda HFulda6.012
Fürth WLHFürth0
Furtwangen HFurtwangen5.136
Westfälische HGelsenkirchen8.263
Gera FHGera416
Giessen FThHGießen152
Mittelhessen THMGießen12.856
Göttingen PFHGöttingen2.358
Hachenburg FHBundesbankHachenburg315
Hamburg AMDHamburg1.000
Hamburg EBCHamburg654
Hamburg EFHHamburg5.127
Hamburg EvHHamburg469
Hamburg FernHHamburg9.212
Hamburg FHBrandAcademyHamburg63
Hamburg HAWHamburg14.348
Hamburg HSBAHamburg636
Hamburg ISSHamburg46
Hamburg KLUHamburg69
Hamburg MSHHamburg382
Weserbergland HHameln357
Hamm HHamm405
Hamm-Lippstadt HHamm1.111
Hannover FHDWHannover410
Hannover HHannover7.768
Hannover LeibnizFHHannover148
Westküste FHHeide1.204
Heidelberg HHeidelberg2.499
Heidelberg HfJSHeidelberg105
Heidelberg HIMHeidelberg0
Heilbronn HHeilbronn7.155
Heilbronn H GGSHeilbronn159
Hermannsburg FITHermannsburg0
Hildesh./ Holzm./ Göttingen HHildesheim5.133
Hof HHof2.945
Idstein HFresenIdstein1.092
Ingolstadt HIngolstadt3.679
Iserlohn BiTSIserlohn1.168
Südwestfalen FHIserlohn10.333
Isny HIsny211
Jena FHJena4.784
Kaiserslautern FHKaiserslautern5.498
Karlsruhe HKarlsruhe6.926
Karlsruhe IKHKarlsruhe572
Kassel CVJMKassel204
Kempten HKempten4.436
Kiel FHKiel6.423
Rhein-Waal HKleve1.570
Koblenz HKoblenz7.437
Köln CBSKöln870
Köln FHKöln19.388
Köln RheinFHKöln4.354
Nordrhein-Westfalen KathHKöln3.693
Konstanz HKonstanz4.224
Anhalt HKöthen7.339
Niederrhein HKrefeld12.057
Lahr AKAD-WHLLahr458
Landshut HLandshut3.786
Leipzig AKADLeipzig1.472
Leipzig HTelekomLeipzig780
Leipzig HTWKLeipzig6.612
Ostwestfalen-Lippe HLemgo6.077
Lübeck FHLübeck4.528
Ludwigsburg EvHLudwigsburg1.322

Ludwigshafen HLudwigshafen4.283
Magdeburg-Stendal HMagdeburg6.591
Mainz FHMainz4.393
Mainz KathHMainz1.026
Mannheim HMannheim4.945
Mannheim HdWMMannheim107
Marburg EHTaborMarburg74
Merseburg HMerseburg2.818
Mittweida HMittweida6.042
Moritzburg EvHMoritzburg88
Ruhr West HMülheim an der Ruhr852
München FHSprachenMünchen360
München HMünchen16.198
München HMKMünchen1.916
München KathFHMünchen2.079
München MBSMünchen501
Münster FHMünster10.648
Münster PhThHMünster60
Neu-Ulm HNeu-Ulm2.813
Neubrandenburg HNeubrandenburg2.103
Neuss HNeuss103
Nordhausen FHNordhausen2.570
Nürnberg EvHNürnberg1.111
Nürnberg HNürnberg10.072
Nürtingen HKunsttherapieNürtingen293

Nürtingen-Geislingen HNürtingen4.339
Oberursel LuthThHOberursel33
Offenburg HOffenburg3.709
Osnabrück HOsnabrück10.535
Ottersberg HOttersberg443
Paderborn FHDWPaderborn1.919
Pforzheim HPforzheim4.942
Darmstadt FernHPfungstadt5.785
Pinneberg AKADPinneberg1.956
Potsdam FHPotsdam3.133
Potsdam FHSportPotsdam92
Regensburg HRegensburg7.873
Reutlingen HTWIDReutlingen4.704
Reutlingen ThHReutlingen51
Riedlingen HRiedlingen1.656
Rosenheim HRosenheim4.668
Rottenburg HRottenburg699
Saarbrücken DHfPGSaarbrücken2.577
Saarbrücken HTWSaarbrücken5.312
Bonn-Rhein-Sieg HSankt Augustin6.214
Schmalkalden FHSchmalkalden2.846
Schwäbisch Gmünd HGestSchwäbisch Gmünd587
Schwäbisch Hall FHGestSchwäbisch Hall34
Schwerin BCSchwerin198
Lausitz HSenftenberg3.387
Albstadt-Sigmaringen HSigmaringen2.754
Stralsund FHStralsund2.519
Stuttgart AKADStuttgart2.276
Stuttgart DHStuttgart27.758
Stuttgart HStuttgart3.354
Stuttgart HdMStuttgart3.793
Stuttgart MerzAkStuttgart264
Stuttgart U WaldorfStuttgart185
Trier HTrier7.014
Ulm HUlm3.892
Vechta/Diepholz/Oldenburg FHWTVechta639
Wedel FHWedel950
Weilheim-Bierbronnen GSAWeilheim-Bierbronnen17
Ravensburg-Weingarten HWeingarten3.034
Harz HWernigerode3.324
RheinMain HWiesbaden10.207
Wiesbaden HPVWiesbaden2.542
Wildau THWildau4.220
Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth HWilhelmshaven6.192
Wismar HWismar6.809
Ostfalia HWolfenbüttel10.182
Worms FHWorms2.990
Würzburg-Schweinfurt HWürzburg8.626
Zittau/ Görlitz HZittau3.580
Zwickau DPFAZwickau0
সাধারনত  ইউনিভার্সিটি আর ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ  অ্যাপ্লাইড সায়েন্স গুলো ইন্টারন্যাশনাল স্টুডেন্টসরা  আবেদন বেশী করে থাকে। আপনি আপনার পছন্দ সহিত ইউনিভার্সিটি সিলেক্ট করে নিতে পারেন এখান থেকে। তবে মনে রাখতে হতে আপনার পছন্দিত ইউনিভার্সিটি তে ইংলিশ এ পড়াশুনা করতে পারবেন কি না । জার্মানির সব ইউনিভার্সিটি তে ইংলিশ এ পড়াশুনা করতে পারবেন না । বিস্তারিত তথ্যের জন্য আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন।

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