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Monday, June 10, 2013

***Study abroad *** <>> Study in RUSSIA <<>

                         ***Study abroad *** <>> Study in RUSSIA <<>

How to Apply:

Our International Applicants and their parents are requested to interpret this page carefully, before applying to University/Institute

Application Deadlines

Application should be completed and sent to universities e-mail address with the attachments of other required documents below.

The following documents should be attached with your Registration.
2. 2 copies of International Passport
3. 20 passport size photographs
4. 4 notary certified copies each of A/L, O/L certificates and higher academic transcript(s),
5. 4 notary certified copies of birth certificates.
6. 4 notary certified copies of Health Certificate and Certificate confirming absence of HIV

1. Note:
All the Documents should be in English. If the original certificates are in a language other than English, copies of the English translation must be enclosed

2. All Photocopies of the documents are to be done on A4 paper.

3. All the copies of documents stated in 4 to 6 are required to be "Certified as
True Copy" in English language by a Notary Public. The signatories' designation and the chop must also be in English language.

4. Applications for admission can be submitted from April to the admission office.

Major Requirements

Applicants are mainly selected on the basis of past academic achievement, faculty evaluations, and evidence of maturity, motivation, leadership, integrity, and compassion.

Students who seek admission in the first year Graduate Program should have passed higher secondary school certificate or 12 years of education with an average mark over 50% for each subject in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English.

Applicants who have attended graduate school remarks should have generally gained cumulative grade points in their Transcripts.

University/Institute do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, status, disability, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, loan programs or other administered programs. A strong affirmative action program is maintained in all admission entry routes. University/Institute invite applications from any nation with a positive imagination, persevering and motivation. 

1. Registration for Admission
The following Documents copies should be initially attached with your Application.
• Application Form duly completed
• Certified copy of Passport (all countries)
• Certified copy of O/L Certificate
• Certified copy of A/L Certificate
• Higher academic transcripts. (optional)
*Education fee is between 1500USD - 2500 USD(per annum)

1. Hostel fee will range between 200 - 600 USD per annum for an individual depending on the hostel chosen and availability of vacancy.
2. Annual Medical Insurance fee is 120 USD for an individual

• All fees should be paid one month prior to commencing new academic year.

2. Notification of Admission


The University/Institute shall process the application within four (4) weeks from the date of submission of the documents to University/Institute and shall issue an ACCEPTANCE LETTER to the applicant if successful.

An applicant offered admission to the University has three weeks from the date of the ACCEPTANCE LETTER in which to accept or decline the offer. If an acceptance is not received in writing by the end of this three-week period, the applicant is deemed to have declined and the offer of admission is withdrawn.

After an international applicant is offered a study seat in the University, has accepted the offer, paid the 1st year tuition fee as a guarantee of enrolment. In case of failure to Admission to University/Institute , the deposited *tuition fee is fully refunded

3. Applying for INVITATION

"INVITATION" is an authorized document issued by the Administration of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. Further it has to be certified by the Authority of Ministry of Public Health of Russian federation, University/Institute .

Preparation of the INVITATION takes minimum of 20 working days in Russia.
The Original INVITATION will be sent to your local Representative or to you only by DHL or EMS.

4. Apply for Visa

The student presents the Original INVITATION to the Councilor Department of the Local Russian Embassy together with the following documents to apply for a visa.

• Completed Visa Application Form and Visa Fee
• International Passport
• 4 passport size color photographs
• Birth Certificate in English with 1 NOTORY certified copy
• Health Certificate with 1 NOTORY certified copy
• HIV Report with 1 NOTORY certified copy
• O/L Certificate with 1 NOTORY certified copy
• A/L Certificate with 1 NOTORY certified copy

Important link for know more details about study in russia is given below >>
*** (All about russian education system + scholarship ) 


Visa & Consular information >> 
( Russian Embassy in Dhaka , Bangladesh )

I hope I could explain all the steps about study in russia if you have any other question do not hesitate to ask.

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