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Thursday, May 2, 2013


IELTS is an English proficiency language similar to TOEFL. Both have similar purpose but have different pattern. It is a general belief that – if you want to qualify for British and other English speaking Universities, give IELTS and if you wish for US University TOEFL is the better option. But this is not the case. Generally people are confused with the difference between TOEFL and IELTS.

  • Both have their own importance, one cant state which is better. It depends on where you want to apply or which university you are interested in.
  • IELTS score is valid for all the Universities in UK. But, from year 2007, US universities are accepting IELTS score. Here is the link "US Recognition List:  Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations and Accrediting Bodies Recognizing IELTS-
  • TOEFL basically concentrate on American English. If you have this American Accent then you have an edge over others. Though, it is not legally stated in the TOEFL documents or Test patterns but as per the experience it is believed so. On the other hand, IELTS have independence of accent.
  • TOEFL consider American English Spellings, for instance, ‘Colour’ is written as Color. IELTS consider both types.
  • The big difference in TOEFL and IELTS is “The Speaking Section”.
    • TOEFL Speaking Section: It is a computer based test where you have to speak on certain topics as per the given reading and listening inputs.
    • IELTS Speaking Section: You have to face an Interview. Yes, this is true. You have to give a real interview. Interviewer may ask general questions based on hobbies, likings etc. Even you have to pick a cue card and answer certain issues related to that.
Bottom line is, if you are not comfortable with interview, it is better to give TOEFL. This is the main reason why TOEFL is preferred over IELTS apart from the craze of US Universities.
  • Wait!!! Don’t take a decision straight away. We still have something for you. TOEFL is ill-famous for its testing condition and reporting scores. The increase in number of test centers for TOEFL in Indian Subcontinent has degraded the testing Conditions. People have started preferring IELTS over TOEFL based on the poor experience with TOEFL. It is reported that TOEFL have less satisfied Test Takers.
These are just the ideas based on experience and general comparison. One cannot comment that which test is better, it just depends on the need of student. One should take decision based on the University requirements and personal ease. Both, IELTS and TOEFL have same stature in the education domain.
Now, Choice is yours...!!! 

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